Drainage Patency
Made Simple.

Reverb Medical is developing a line of stand-alone devices that help maintain patency of systems moving biological fluids.


Advanced Motion-Activated System.

The flagship product is a stand-alone device designed to be attached to a surgical drainage tube post-operatively to deliver mechanical energy.


Next Generation Critical Care

User-Friendly Solution

Simple initiation and removal, minimal maintenance that Integrates with standard workflow

Superior Quality Care

Mitigate complications and soothes the patient

Strong Competitive Position

Multiple indications and a clear value proposition: Procedures impacted have exceptionally high cost variation


Latest Updates

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Entered Agreement with WealthBlock

Reverb Medical Inc, a Delaware corporation headquartered in Del Mar, CA, announced today...

License Agreement with Cleveland Clinic

Reverb Medical Inc. (“Reverb”), a Delaware corporation, announced today that it has entered into...

Trademark and Patent Applications Filed

Reverb Medical Inc. is a leading provider of medical devices and services. The company...

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